Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Power Shopping for Noteworthy Fragrances

Okay, now that you're ready
to do some major damage, just
click on any link and let the shopping begin.
(These links take you directly to the sample program)
Caution, what caution? Throw that caution to the wind!
If you can't find it here, you can't find it.

Who wants Noteworthy samples?

Wondering if that luscious perfume you've been reading about and dying to try is going to be your next favorite?
Not quite ready to flash your credit card and take a chance?
These noteworthy sites won't cause you to miss paying your mortgage.
Go ahead, spend a little and sample, sample, sample!

Noteworthy blogs I love to read

Warning...when a hobby turns to obsession, here's were you go to get your daily quota of who's new, what's new and what it smells like. Read them from cover to cover and discover lots of other great information about fragrance, tips on layering scents and maybe even plan a trip to Paris!
Now you're in Blog Heaven!

Noteworthy Fragrance Designers

You are sure to find many favorite fragrances and designers from this list. Everyone is friendly, talented and extremely helpful in choosing a new scent. Their websites are a delightful and fragrant playground, so enjoy!
**NEW AbdesSalaam Attar **NEW