Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Who wants Noteworthy samples?

Wondering if that luscious perfume you've been reading about and dying to try is going to be your next favorite?
Not quite ready to flash your credit card and take a chance?
These noteworthy sites won't cause you to miss paying your mortgage.
Go ahead, spend a little and sample, sample, sample!


Cindy said...

Are all these samples places offering them only with a purchase?


Joyce said...

Hello Cindy,
Thanks for stopping by today. So you're a fragrance lover who likes to try before she buys??

For the majority of these listings, you'll find a great variety of samples available. Most of them have a seperate sampling program which is available so you can choose individual scents or sometimes, you'll find a collection of scents you can purchase. A few of these shops will send several free samples with a purchase also. So, it's a great way to buy your favorite standby perfume AND sample something new.

Sometimes the cost per sample will depend upon the current popularity, or the cost of ingredients, but many if not most are under $3.00. Many shops will include 1 or 2 additional samples free of charge, which is also fantastic.

I think you fill find this a delightful to shop for new scents and try others you've been reading about in the news recently. Good luck and let us know when you get your samples. We'd love to know how your shopping experience went.

I'll keep updating these listings, so check back frequently.

Happy sampling to you!

Anya said...

Joyce, could you please contact me privately? You can do it through the email on my site. TIA.

Anonymous said...
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